The Dawn of the Golden Age of Marketing

Thought Leadership

The whole topology of our world will be reproduced in the virtual, and at each integration point in this multi-verse virtual humans will be needed…the opportunities for brands are boundless

Most marketers have seen or experienced some kind of virtual influencer by now and in the three years I’ve been working with VIs, almost all have formed opinions on them; mostly negative.

However, a few recent events have begun to shift perceptions. First, KFC reinvented the Colonel as a virtual influencer in a hugely successful, tongue-in-cheek campaign. Next, Instagram star and digital art project Lil Miquela shared a kiss with supermodel Bella Hadid in a Calvin Klein ad. Yes, the ad has been fairly criticised for its queer baiting and unauthentic portrayal of the LGBTQ+ community (Hadid is straight) but it’s also pushed the discussion around virtual influencers into the mainstream.


Virtual Humans are CGI characters designed to provide customer service and other business functions. At this year’s Cannes Festival of Creativity, Soul Machines presented their virtual assistants to a crowd of eager agency heavyweights…

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