Close The Conversion Gap

We are living in an era of unprecedented commercial change.

One by one the retail behemoths are falling. Woolworths, HMV, BHS, House of Fraser, Toys R Us, Maplin: the list goes on. The high street is facing annihilation. Media is fragmenting at pace. Millennials are ambivalent about marketing. So, what the hell do we do?

Against this backdrop we believe brands, marketers and agencies will only thrive if they focus laser-like on one KPI – sales. Unless people are buying, everything we do is just wasted noise. We must all question how every activity, and every pound spent, is helping to deliver sales.

This new research aims to tell brands and agencies what people think about marketing, and how they want to be sold to, in the modern era. To understand which tools work hardest and where best to spend. To gauge emerging consumer mindsets and how they want to relate to brands.

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