37 Minutes of Fame: How to Take Off in Airport Retail

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You’ve checked in (online, days ago). You’ve got all your toiletries into one plastic bag (and not a spill in sight). You’re through, it’s time to relax. With ‘Monopoly’ holiday money burning a hole in your chinos.

Or at least, so the theory goes. Airport retailers benefit from a unique state of mind called the ’37 minutes of happiness’. The feeling we all get once we hit the Departures lounge, before our flight becomes ready to board.

However…most of us rush off to buy food and drink for the flight – that’s 15 minutes gone. Then we'll pop to the loo. And with improved efficiency in check in/boarding, it’s only actually 30 minutes to begin with. In reality, only 16% of flyers buy anything.

As lead agency for global travel retailer Dufry, at Live & Breathe we work daily to close the conversion gap in airports. Here are our top six tips for selling success in this unique retail environment.

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