Keeping Spirits Up

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There may be some glass-half-empty predictions for alcohol categories, but the future is looking positive for the spirits industry. Globally, spirits sales have increased by 1.5% to 2.4bn nine-litre cases, and sales are expected to increase over the next five years to a retail value of £282bn while other alcoholic drinks have remained flat or declining.

Lifestyle trends, as well as cocktail culture are playing a major role in driving the popularity of spirits, especially as consumers are increasingly searching for the latest cocktail to drink - and more importantly to be seen drinking. 

Plus today’s consumers are more educated and passionate about what they’re drinking, and spirits is a great category to get people away from their comfort zone. 

Yet one of the biggest challenges for spirits to overcome is that people often feel scared because there is so much variety. 

However, this could represent an opportunity for spirits brands as they could play a role in helping demystify the category and help consumers with finding their new favourite drink – through education and inspiration.

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