Finally, like any other marketing discipline, Influencer Marketing can’t do everything at once. For some reason, Influencer Marketing has been expected to achieve low CPM [Cost Per Thousand], high CTR [Click-Through Rate], increased sentiment, etc etc. But all of those targets are completely different!

To achieve each, you would use a completely different type of Influencer and a completely different type of campaign. Maybe a Power for a low CPM, Local Heroes for increased sentiment and Niche for CTR.

So set yourself up for success by knowing what you want to achieve from day one. The key is to carefully identify the metrics that matter most for your brand. Whether it’s likes and views, positive sentiment, conversion to purchase or heightened awareness, your Influencer activity needs to be highly focused and accurately measured.


There’s a lot more to say about Influencer marketing, but hopefully these 5 parts to our report focuses things a little and removes some of the misunderstandings surrounding this magnificent marketing channel. One that we should approach with the same clarity and professionalism as we would any other — recognising that “one suit”, does not, and never did, fit all.

Under the Influence is written by Dudley Nevill-Spencer, Head of Strategy and Innovation at Live & Breathe.

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