The Future of Retail: 2019 Trend Checklist

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What retailers will need to understand to remain successful in 2019 and beyond 

Spending becomes political

Political shifts mean that how and where products were made will drive spending.

Data-driven intimacy

As retailers gather more consumer data, EQ will be key.

Enhanced privacy

Privacy concerns will have huge ramifications as consumers' shift away from sharing online.

AI-powered everything

AI drives innovation across the entire value chain.


Consumers are demanding greener store experience.

Stores as a service

Create new strategies to bring newness into stores.

Story selling 

Video content is emerging as the next key shopping trend.

Redesigning the last mile

Unattended in-home delivery gathers attention and retailers should build strategies around it.

Extended product relationships 

Consumers are increasingly wanting to participate in the extended life of the products they buy.