A changing world; IGTV and what we really want

This isn’t about how to use IGTV to gain followers for your brands social media efforts. You can find that kind of ‘how to’ in any number of articles on Google. This also isn’t about the features of IGTV and what Instagram hopes to do with the platform, because ultimately, you don’t care about that. Rather, this is about a changing consciousness and shifts happening that if we’re smart enough, and wise enough, we can use to really understand the people we’re always trying to talk to, our consumers.

Social media, whether you love it or hate it, acts as a weathervane for multiple generations. Updates and new features can be taken on face value, but what they really should be seen as are indications of our wants and needs and a heralding of the ways we’re now communicating with one another. Snapchat showed us that we were tired of writing and that images were our communication method of choice and the popularity of Instagram stories only reinforces the point. YouTube’s popularity is indication of how important video is to us all, but more importantly to younger generations who will very quickly become key consumers. Each update, each new platform is another piece in the puzzle and a greater telling of what we really want as consumers.

The addition of IGTV to the halls of social media lets us know that traditional forms of television aren’t working and yes, you can argue that people will always watch television, and maybe they will, but currently the way it’s working isn’t fit for purpose. What Instagram has done is create millions of channels in one fell swoop and given anyone license to own one of those channels. The world has just opened up to us in unprecedented ways.

We are saying that we want more. Want to hear from the forgotten, the underdog, the people whose voice we normally don’t hear. It’s saying that we trust these platforms and channels more than the traditional ones, perhaps because we believe they won’t sell to us, at least not yet. There is something about the everyday user being able to create a channel and post authentic content that we want and love and believe in so much more than the big corporations that have been in our sitting rooms for so long.

There are shifts happening here that if brands choose to really understand and delve a little deeper, can give greater insights to our changing world and how we form connections with consumers. We are long past the point of traditional selling. We’ve started selling with purpose and intention. With a social awareness we never possessed previously and with a commitment to creating long-lasting and meaningful relationships with our audiences. We’re placing power back into the hands of consumers and giving them the voices, the platforms and the microphone. Our world has changed and it’s no longer about us, but them, as it always should have been.

So perhaps we should concern ourselves less with the new features of IGTV and how we use it, but rather the idea that our consumers want a voice, and how do we as brands give it back to them?