Selling with purpose

Times are a changing. Your grandad has bemoaning the change over his pint for years now, telling you all about how things were different when he was a lad. Should anyone start talking about ‘their day,’ you can bet a negative comment is going to follow. That’s just the way it goes, however, some changes, like the shift to purpose driven selling, is a great thing. A positive change in a world that once consumed mindlessly and without care or consideration. Consumers are now choosing to ally themselves with brands and companies that have similar beliefs and value systems, with 66% of global consumers willing to pay more for sustainable offerings. All of a sudden, we care and we’re standing up to be obvious and loud about that. The sinister naysayers will tell you that we’re still mindlessly consuming and this is just the story we tell ourselves to justify our heavy expenses or constant spending. However, the naysayers should never be listened to and we’re not that basic. We love socially aware consumers. People who are actively seeking to place their money into the brands that stand for something, the ones that have purpose about them.

Practically, standing for something is easy for any brand or organisation, but unlocking your purpose in your brand strategy, weaving it into every aspect of your marketing and empowering your people to live by it is a different conversation entirely.   

Start with saying it, and mean what you say

Purpose cannot be lip service because you can smell the insincerity miles away. It has to be something your brand lives and breathes (pun intended) and truly believes in. So, say it often and say it loudly. Paint it on the walls. Email it to your offices every morning. Have a weekly reminder of the brand purpose. Weave it into your employee’s quarterly reviews. Your business has to be the first person to back the brand purpose and they have to back it every day.

Create a purpose lead strategy

Whatever your business is trying to achieve, whether it’s growth, new product launches or increasing headcount, ensure your strategy is built on the idea of what you stand for as a brand. Toms, typically one of the most well-known purpose led brands, wouldn’t hire individuals who weren’t committed to CSR and impacting those less fortunate. The people you bring into your business will become your business and ensure your strategy for hiring and growth incorporates the things you believe in. 

Advertise your purpose

Consumers are looking for brands that mean something and fight for causes, so ensure that your purpose is consistently cascaded out across your marketing and content. Shout about your causes, from every rooftop, not just when you need to sell specific products. Be proud of your brand beliefs and talk about them when you can to everyone you can.

There has often been a kind of stigma associated with purpose lead brands in the advertising space. As if they need to be ashamed that they’re using purpose to sell, or they hide true intentions, however, if purpose is helping you sell and helping the world, that’s the kind of win win situation we love and we think it deserves to be shouted about.